CNC-Single Point Keyway Broaches

Broaching tool to execute keyway and squared profiles in one setup with other machining operations.


  • Cut down on set-up time.
  • Complete the part on one machine.
  • No hydraulic press or pull required, no bushing guide required.
  • Only way to keyway a blind hole.
  • Long tool life. Can be easily sharpened many times for extended tool life.
  • For either CNC lathe or CNC vertical machining centers.
  • For keyway DIN 6885 and squared profiles.


With the spindle locked, the broach can be brought inline with the pre-prepared bore diameter and chamfer lead
of the part to start broaching the keyway at a speed of 10 - 30 in/min and an in-feed of .003 -.005 depth per pass,
using a flood coolant for lubrication during the cut. The in-feeding cycle is repeated until the desired depth of the
keyway is achieved.

SizeToleranceMax LOCOALShank ØArt. No.
4 mm0 /+ 0,0438 mm95,25 mm15,88 mmR69004
5 mm0 / +0,0438 mm95,25 mm15,88 mmR69005
6 mm0 / +0,0550 mm114,3 mm22,23 mmR69106
8 mm0 / +0,0550 mm114,3 mm22,23 mmR69108
10 mm0 / +0,0650 mm114,3 mm25,4 mmR69210
12 mm0 / +0,0650 mm114,3 mm25,4 mmR69212

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