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Flexible - Versatile - Modular!

  • Thanks to its re-separable ball and socket connections, hoses can be plugged together by hand and be "tailor-made" for any task.
  • Equally easy LOC-LINE hoses are to disassemble or extend.
  • Wide range of nozzles, valves, fittings and accessories.
  • Precisely positionable with one hand.
  • Vibration-resistant and position-stable.
  • Unlike metal hoses, LOC-LINE hoses won't damage
    machine tool cutters if contact occurs.
  • No bending at small radii of curvature and thus
    always constant inside diameter.
  • manufactured in a premium grade acetal copolymer which is
    chemically resistant to petroleum products, coolants and most common chemicals. Selected parts are available in polyester (LOC-LINE Yellow).
  • electrically non-conductive and ideal for use as an EDM flushing hose.


The worlds
most succesful modular Hose System!


LOC-LINE FLEXI Is the global leader for modular hose systems. No other system offers more options, greater flexibility and versatility. Main applications are the delivery and removal of coolants, the blowing out of workpieces, the extraction of chips, coarse and fine dust, liquids, lubrication mist, gases and vapors.

Over the years, the adjustable hose concept has expanded way beyond its first task of coolant delivery. Meanwhile LOC-LINE was expanding into the electronic, scientific, graphic arts and woodworking industries; in almost any situation that requires a precise, stable yet adjustable third arm.


Thanks to its intelligent, repeat­able ball and socket connection, the hoses can be "tailor-made" for any application, so that LOC-LINE FLEXI always offers a perfect solution.

With 4 hose diameters in 1/4 ", 1/2", 3/4" and 75 mm and a wide range of nozzles, valves, fittings and accessories, almost unlimi­ted combinations are possible.


LOC-LINE FLEXI is manufactured in a premium grade acetal copolymer material which is chemically resistant to petroleum products, coolants and most common chemicals. Selected parts are also available in an acid resistant polyester.


LOC-LINE FLEXI has been on the market since 1983 and is used millions of times in various fields of application. The best proof of the reliability and versatility of LOC-LINE FLEXI systems!

Always opt for the Original! You'll see it's worth it.

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