for 1/4" and 1/2" Systems


Pipe Couplings

NPT Female Pipe Couplings with same threads on both sides to make a Male Connector out of a Female Connector.


Pipe Reducers

Male Pipe Couplings with different threads on both sides to make out of a Female Connector a Male Connector with reduced size.

No. Pack of
L40656R 1/8" NPT Female Pipe Couplings4
L41756R 1/8" NPT Female Pipe Couplings20
L40657R 1/4" NPT Female Pipe Couplings4
L41757R 1/4" NPT Female Pipe Couplings20
L50660R 3/8" NPT Female Pipe Couplings4
L51760R 3/8" NPT Female Pipe Couplings20
L50661R 1/2" NPT Female Pipe Couplings4
L51761R 1/2" NPT Female Pipe Couplings20
No.NPT Female Pipe ReducersPack of
L40655R 1/4" to R 1/8"4
L41755R 1/4" to R 1/8"20
L50658R 3/8" to R 1/4"4
L51758R 3/8" to R 1/4"20
L50659R 1/2" to R 1/4"4
L51759R 1/2" to R 1/4"20

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