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GRATTEC Speciality Tools


GT Keyway Deburrer

For keyways, shafts and holes. Working dimensions depending on blade size.

Part No. EL-1400GT


  • with length adjustable blade holder EL-0400GT for blades type "K",
  • with 1 blade GT-N80K,
  • with Universal Handle EL-1000GT.


GT Interior Finisher

For finishing interior surfaces of cross-holes, cut-ins and undercuts

Part No. EL-1501GT


  • with blade holder EL-0500,
  • with 45° deg. cranked blade GT-D66,
  • with Universal Handle EL-1000GT,
  • incl. hex key ELDK10GT.


Edge Chamfering Set "GT-L"

For chamfering straight or curved edges. Ensures exact 45° chamfers.

Part No. EL-1700GT


  • with blade holder EL-0750,
  • with plastic leader and 1 HSS blade GT-L1,
  • with Universal Handle EL-1000GT for all GRAT-TEC bladeholders.


Corner Cleaner "GT-C"

Effective corner relief. Wide range of applications.

Part No. EL-1705GT


  • with blade holder EL-0701GT,
  • with HSS blade GT-L5,
  • with Universal Holder EL-1000GT for all GRAT-TEC bladeholders.


Sheet Deburrer "GT-V"

Practicable low-cost tool for deburring sheet metal and bars 1-8 mm.

Part No. EL-1703GT


  • with blade holder EL-0701GT,
  • with HSS blade GT-L3,
  • with Universal Holder EL-1000 for all GRAT-TEC bladeholders,
  • with mounting facility for optional hand guard EL-NC90GT.


Double Edge Deburrer

For double edge cutting of sheet metal 0-12 mm at one stroke.

Part No. EL-DB2000GT


  • with plastic handle with hand guard,
  • with 2 HSS cutting blades GT-N80,
  • optional extra: stainless cutting blade GT-N80M42.

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