If you need an individual HOLDTEC Stand instead of a standard one:

  • Choose the column and arm that fits your needs.
  • Choose a base. (Note the 2 different threads M5 and M8).
  • Choose the mounting that fits your needs (mountings fit to all articulated arms).

Ordering Example:

Let it be supposed that you want a stand with:

  1. Fine Adjustment on the Base,
  2. an operating radius 300 mm
  3. an extra-strong magnet

Choose the largest arm
HT4401 (280 mm).
Choose the base with the strongest magnet (1000 N)
and with fine adjustment HT0118. The thread on the base matches the thread on the bottom of the arm, both are M8.
Select the gauge mounting HT0215 (21.5 mm).

HOLDTEC Articulated Arms


Art. Nr.BezeichnungLänge (L1+L2)Gewinde unten (D1)Gewinde oben (D2)
All measurements in mm unless otherwise indicated.
HT1101Säule 1 und Querarm 1100M5M6
HT2101Säule 2 und Querarm 1130M5M6
HT2201Säule 2 und Querarm 2160M5M6
HT3101Säule 3 und Querarm 1160M8M6
HT3201Säule 3 und Querarm 2190M8M6
HT3301Säule 3 und Querarm 3220M8M6
HT4101Säule 4 und Querarm 1190M8M6
HT4201Säule 4 und Querarm 2220M8M6
HT4301Säule 4 und Querarm 3250M8M6
HT4401Säule 4 und Querarm 4280M8M6

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