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MITEE-BITE Ultra Krallegrip
Vise Jaw Systems



With ULTRA KralleGrip MITEE-BITE offers an innovative product that will increase the functionality of your standard 4, 6, and 8 inch (100mm, 150mm and 200mm) vises. ULTRA Krallegrip is a simple bolt on system that will allow you to perform aggressive machining operations while clamping on as little as .060 (1.5mm) of an inch.

Ideal for small lot sizes, difficult applications or proto­type work when building a fixture would not be beneficial. ULTRA Krallegrip is also available individually for fixturing with Pitbull® and Dyna-Force® Clamps or for soft jaw applications.

For more versatility, all Jaw Sets are tapped with 2 additional holes to accept our M4 Pitbull® Clamps (M6 for 32088). This is an effective solution when downforce or additional holding force is necessary.

Jaws are not heat-treated to allow for custom modifications. All grips and stops are heat-treated A2 steel.


MITEE-BITE ULTRA KralleGrip consists of:

  • 2 jaws,
  • hardened grips (52-54 HRc),
  • and a stop with screws.





The grips bite into the material, that’s how they hold on to the material so well. Using the “carrier” concept, this material (and the marks) is removed in the second or later operations.


Installation of ULTRA KralleGrip in place of the standard jaws by simply replacing your current jaws, inserting the jaw screws and tighten adequately. Position the grips and stop(s) as needed for your application, insert the flathead screws provided and tighten to the torque setting recommended (3-5 newton meters).

ULTRA KralleGrip System with mounting holes

f. SchraubstockArt. Nr.L1L2H1H2B1
Set includes 2 jaws, 4 grips and 1 stop with M5 screws.
150mm3206615065 / 1004417,47 / 23,8725

Ultra KralleGrip Replacement Grips and Stops

 Art. Nr.L3B2H3DempfohleneVE
Extra Grips3305019,0512,76,25M51,5 - 3 mm2 Stück
Extra Anschläge33025 M5 1 Stück

ULTRA KralleGrip Replacement Fixture Grips

 Art. Nr.L3B2H3DempfohleneVE
Grips3307519,0519,057,92M51,5 - 3 mm2 Stück
Grips3310019,0525,47,92M51,5 - 3 mm2 Stück

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