POWER-GRIP "clamps" parts without clamping elements.
It's a heat-activated wax-based compound, available as:

  • Power-Coil with a paper carrier foil for holding smooth, flat parts.
  • Super-Coil with a mesh carrier foil for higher holding forces for holding irregular shaped parts.
  • Stick, which can be used in shallow cavities for holding concave, convex and flimsy parts.

POWER-GRIP suits for steel, non-ferrous metals, glas, wood, most plastics and a lot of other materials. Depending on the texture and the size of the contact area the holding force is 30 - 200 N/cm².

POWER-GRIP is completely non-toxic and can be removed free of residues.

Art. No.Content
102401 Power-Coil1500 x 300 mm
102451 Power-Coil7600 x 300 mm
102501 Super-Coil1500 x 300 mm
102521 Super-Coil7600 x 300 mm
102301 Stick65 Gramm
102353 Sticks195 Gramm

It's as simple to use POWER-GRIP

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