The TOOLEX AccuSnap Vice Master Jaw and Parallel System allows you to change jaws in a matter of seconds and thus, help to reduce set-up time and increase productivity.



AccuSnap Master Jaws

Art. No. TAMJ6035

AccuSnap Master Jaws are mounted to the SnapLock Carrier Jaws. They include the patented AccuSnap quick-change mechanism, which makes it easy to snap on all AccuSnap jaw components.

Content:  3 pieces


AccuSnap Parallel Sets (2 Stück)

Parallels easily snap into the AccuSnap Master Jaws and are ejected via the patented kick-out pawl.

                                              Height [mm]                                                          Height [mm]

  • Art. No. TAIP6001 19,05
    Art. No. TAIP6002 25,40
    Art. No. TAIP6003 28,58
    Art. No. TAIP6004 31,75
    Art. No. TAIP6005 34,93
  • Art. No. TAIP6006 38,10
    Art. No. TAIP6007 41,28
    Art. No. TAIP6008 44,45
    Art. No. TAIP6009 46,02


AccuSnap Workstops for Parallel Sets

can be mounted easily, quickly and in a variety of positions to the Parallel Sets, and provide an extremely accurate workpiece location and repeatability.

      Right                               A [mm]     H [mm]              Left                                A [mm]   H [mm]

  • Art. No. TAWS6000      68,07    16,69
    Art. No. TAWS6001      93,47     16,69
    Art. No. TAWS6010      68,07     29,39
    Art. No. TAWS6011      93,47     29,39
  • Art. No. TAWS6020 68,07 16,69
    Art. No. TAWS6021 93,47 16,69
    Art. No. TAWS6030 68,07 29,3
    Art. No. TAWS6031 93,47 29,39

(A = Distance to the center / H = Height / Depth = 12,52 mm)


AccuSnap Machinable Jaws (2 Pieces)

are used in conjunction with AccuSnap Master Jaws and can be changed within
a matter of seconds due to the AccuSnap Quick-Change mechanism. Available in aluminum and hardened steel, individually machinable.


  • Art. No. TASJ6000     Alumium
    Art. No. TASJ6001     Alumium
    Art. No. TASJ6020     Steel
    Art. No. TASJ6021     Steel

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