TOOLEX SnapLock - Jaws and Fixture Plates

SnapLock Carrier Jaws

SnapLock Carrier Jaws

Carrier jaws are to be used in conjunction with AccuSnap master jaws. Outside jaws can be used in conjunction with single station conversion plates.



TSCJ6035 - SnapLock Carrier Jaws (2 pieces in aluminium and 1 piece in steel)
TSCJ6025 - SnapLock Carrier Jaws (3 pieces in steel)


SnapLock Machinable Fixture Jaws (3 Pieces Set)

SnapLock Machinable Fixture Jaws are the most versatile method of fixturing on the TOOLEX Vise System. Customizing options are endless. Jaws can be machined on two faces for additional set-up.



TSSJ6000 - in aluminium,  (height 50,8 mm / width 150 mm)
TSSJ6325 - in aluminium,  (height 76,2 mm / width 150 mm)
TSSJ6008 - in aluminium,  (height 50,8 mm / width 201,7 mm)
TSSJ6020 - in steel,              (height 50,8 mm / width 150 mm)

SnapLock Vorrichtungsplatte.jpg

SnapLock Fixture Plates in Aluminium

Ideal for holding many small parts or workpieces with difficult clamping or locating points. - Manufactured from high quality aluminum material.


TSFP6000 - SnapLock Fixture Plate (Width 150 mm)
TSFP6001 - SnapLock Fixture Plate (Width 203 mm)

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