KERAMICUT: Plastic Deflashing Tool made of Ceramic

  • stable and super-hard ceramic blade for plastics and soft metals,
  • safe due to the obtuse angle of 90°,
  • ideal for straight, konvex and other edges,
  • scrap-free deburring,
  • extremely long life.

Blades for
Keramicut II und V



GRATTEC Keramicut

Special deburrer for hard and soft plastics and non-ferrous metals


GRATTEC Keramicut I

Part No. EL-CR1100


  • with ergonomic handle,
  • with non-replaceable blade made of ceramic.



Part No. EL-CR1500


Ideal for surface scraping and parting line deflashing. Perfect for all plastic materials and soft metals.

Replacement blades available.


  • Mini Ceramic Handle - EL-CR1400GT
  • Mini Convexed Blade - GT-CR1550



GRATTEC Keramicut II

Part No. EL-CR2000GT


  • with oval handle,
  • with replaceable blade GT-CR2200 made of ceramic.

Accessories (additional charge): Concaved Blade GT-CR2500, ideal for curved edges and small ridges.


GRATTEC Keramicut V

Part No. EL-DB5000


  • with stable hand guard,
  • with replaceable, on both sides useable ceramic blade GT-CR5100* for plates up to 10 mm.

    *) double life cycle

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